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Wide Thermicon Tips Refill Kit

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Treat and remove hair on legs, arms, back and more with this no!no!® Wide Thermicon™ Tips Refill Kit.

  • Compatible with the Hair, Plus, Micro, Pro and Ultra Hair Removal Devices.
  • Ideal for use on large, flat areas of your body like arms, legs, back and chest.
  • Includes: 3 wide Thermicon™ tips & larger buffer
  • Line the posts in the no!no!® device with the sockets in the tip, the no!no!® logos should both be facing the same direction. Press in gently.
  • Turn on the no!no!® device by pressing the power button on the top. If applicable, change the treatment setting to low, medium or high by pressing the button below the LED screen.
  • Glide the no!no!® device across the skin, the opposite way of the hair growth to treat the hair. Use the buffer post treatment to remove any treated hair left on the skin.
  • The status screen will indicate when you need to replace the tips. Depending on use, average tip life can range from 1-3 months.


Not for use on genitals or nipples